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TulnaDB : Got another experience

About 2 months ago, I got an opportunity to make a web app in PHP. Thanks to a friend, who recommended me to his friend. Later on, after understanding the requirements and a quick analysis on project, I decided to work on it with some conditions.

I’m not professional developer, so I told them that “I’m not so sure that I can implement all the features that they are demanding. I do need help or I quit the project.” But it took different turn. They told me that “You just initialize the project, we will accept whatever you made. No offence.”

But then comes mid-semester exam 😦

Well, I am still student, so of course I need to focus on study first. So, I requested for extra time, well of course that thing worked out very well. They gave me few more days to finish it.

(To be honest, I haven’t started working on this project, until my exams were over.)

But still I was able to finish the 60-65% of back-end work of the project within few days, which includes almost all major features of admin area. In addition also created dummy front-end which I am not proud of. Later on last weekend (on 19th March), I’ve decided to quit the project and submitted the project due to a personal reason (will share later). Although I am little sad that I’m not able to finish entire project. But I really enjoyed working on it.

And guess what that Project Horkos is in fast lane. Yeah, will share more details about it. Cheers 🙂