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To That One Soul

To that one soul, who’s reading this, you’re free to be whatever you choose, to say whatever you want, to be whatever you like and you can sing the blues if you want.

To that one soul, you can say whatever you want, even if it’s wrong or right, it’s alright. You no longer need to see what people want you to see.

To that one soul, there are people who will be jealous of your shine but clueless of your struggle. You think that will matter in future?

To that one soul, I know you are tired and afraid, and you probably so close to tear apart in million pieces if someone hugs you, but there’s strength within you. Even when you feel sad, you still have a zillion other reasons to be happy. Keep fighting and keep loving.

To that one soul, there’s no problem you can create and there’s no problem you can solve. Don’t rely on booze and weed to stay happy instead find love and peace in your heart. And it’s okay to shout for help and cry, that doesn’t make you weak.

To that one soul, being sad and crying for a week during bad times and celebrating good things just for a single day is okay. But don’t you think it needs to be the other way around? Shouldn’t we celebrating more?

To that one soul, it’s time to get on the track and cause no fuss, get a grip on yourself and get it right. You are free to handle each situation in your own way to tackle whatever comes in your way.

To that one soul, It’s not just you, we all lost someone (some precious people) with whom we had a really good bond. But can’t you be glad for the people around you right now? Can’t we just appreciate it, enjoy it, feel the energy they emit on you.

To that one soul, there are so many reasons to believe in a better world. After all Love has more hits than Fear.

Oh me? How did my year go? Same old shit. Just different day.

Peace and Love.

Hey Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from your secret Santa.

In peace, may you leave this shore,
In love, may you find the next, 
Safe passage on your travels,
Until our final journey to the ground, May we meet again.