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Resolution set to live

Finally Almighty gave me biggest gift.

After 1 year – 25 version, Frindle Theme finally get approval and now available from official WordPress directory for free!. Yoo-hoo!

So it’s official birthday of Frindle theme.😜 I can’t tell how happy I am now. At this moment I would like to thank each and everyone (specially cousin brother) who helped me in developing and keep pushing me to the commitment. Anyone can get the latest version of it from here:

Theme already downloaded over 550 times in less than 48 hours and have 90+ active installs. Achievement unlocked. Phew

People around me often refer me as crazy, weird, nerd, psycho but I DON’T CARE. Because I know what I am doing and one day it will come out in it’s own way (I know). And then things will be different.

Wait that’s not all, there is one more thing. Starting whole new thing Project Hermes. (Details? Sooooooon!)

TulnaDB : Got another experience

About 2 months ago, I got an opportunity to make a web app in PHP. Thanks to a friend, who recommended me to his friend. Later on, after understanding the requirements and a quick analysis on project, I decided to work on it with some conditions.

I’m not professional developer, so I told them that “I’m not so sure that I can implement all the features that they are demanding. I do need help or I quit the project.” But it took different turn. They told me that “You just initialize the project, we will accept whatever you made. No offence.”

But then comes mid-semester exam 😦

Well, I am still student, so of course I need to focus on study first. So, I requested for extra time, well of course that thing worked out very well. They gave me few more days to finish it.

(To be honest, I haven’t started working on this project, until my exams were over.)

But still I was able to finish the 60-65% of back-end work of the project within few days, which includes almost all major features of admin area. In addition also created dummy front-end which I am not proud of. Later on last weekend (on 19th March), I’ve decided to quit the project and submitted the project due to a personal reason (will share later). Although I am little sad that I’m not able to finish entire project. But I really enjoyed working on it.

And guess what that Project Horkos is in fast lane. Yeah, will share more details about it. Cheers 🙂