To Her Her

So as she asked and I made “pinky” promised earlier today here’s how much I know her.

From 2015’s AEM lecture to this very moment
From classmate to my well-wisher and supporter
From talking about people we pretend to be friend with to the people we know (you know)
From Sejal to (IvorySoda)
From daily nudges, pokes, fights to countless interesting conversation
From sharing to caring
From how you think to how you react
From your profession to passion
(In programming language) From front-end to back-end

However “The truth about being the girl who is always okay?” is not okay! In all honesty, it doesn’t feel good. And that hurts, I know. In the rawest, deepest way, because no one notice just how lost you are. But the way you are handling whatever life throws in your way is just fascinating. The kind that gets deep into your bones. I know. As you know some days are just bad days, that’s all. You have to experience sadness to know happiness.

So, the bottom line is I don’t remember a day without nudging her and I don’t have to post anywhere to tell anyone that how much I know her.

*but I did* 😀

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