When you will understand that it’s okay to be okay…!

Why do we have to be good at everything and anything we do? Why does this pressure to excel even exist on us? What’s wrong with being average?

Consider the time and energy that could be saved if we didn’t run behind excellence. Optimum utilization is the word. Perhaps the guy who is ‘Jack of all trades, but master of none,’ has figured out life.

If you think about it, being average is really easy. It’s almost effortless and just imagine the endless possibilities in which you could have invested your resources including time, sleep, food, booze you name it and it’s yours. Procrastination wouldn’t have been a taboo. Life would have been easier than pronouncing ‘Easy peasy lemon squeezy’ isn’t it?

No! I don’t have 9-5 job. I work a LOT. I stay home most days. I love my keyboard. I’m highly sensitive. I spend my days immersing myself in the personal growth world. Maybe in some ways I’m (definitely) not normal – some of the ways that I go against the grain of the society. And you know what? It’s okay

So yeah, I’m comfortably okay with the basic skills which I possess. I wonder when people will understand that it’s okay to be okay.

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